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Fund-Raising Update (Just About There!)

By Abby at 10:53 pm on Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Maggie's Bath

The Maggie Memorial Fund has been a big success so far. The final bill at the NC State Veterinary Teaching Hospital was $4,600, and the bill at the regular vet was $600. My plan has been to try and raise about $2,000, then to split up the remainder ($3,600) with my parents. Mom and Dad are very generous people, and Mom has been calling my cats her grandchildren for years! It’s going to take me a while to pay off my part, but it was a risk I took knowingly (with the support of my parents and one caring friend), and one I will never ever regret. Since Maggie’s overall health (other than her kidneys) was so good, successful surgery could have brought her many more good years. There was just no way the vets could have predicted the complication she had, since it was one that had never been seen before.

This little campaign of mine has gone on for 6 days, and I have now raised $1,587! I’m almost at my goal. When I started, there was still hope for Maggie, but obviously, things did not go well. I wouldn’t have expected to raise this much, but it’s happened, and I couldn’t be more grateful. The Flickr strangers are the people who’ve blown me away the most… no, not them… the ex I hadn’t heard from in years who I didn’t even know followed my life at all anymore. Must have heard through the grapevine. Whatever the case, the $10 here, $25 there has made ALL the difference in an doable amount (in the wake of starting my own business) and an insurmountable amount, and I thank you so much!

One last push, since the first of the month is in a few days. Just a few more donations would make all the difference. I usually go over the top with things, but I think that after a full week of doing all I know to make a dent in this, I should spare everyone further blabbing (although I will probably keep talking about my cats for a while… just unsub for a while, and it’ll pass – maybe!). Only $413 more!

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