If you've been following me online over the past week, you know that I lost my dear cat Maggie on Saturday. As is often the case with kitties who have kidney disease, she went down fast. The NC State Veterinary Teaching Hospital brought the most cutting edge technology and a great deal of care to her case, but it was not successful. There is some good news for other kitties though. The surgery they did was a new and promising one, and their lack of success with Maggie is teaching them a lot. While there was probably nothing they could do to save her, they have now learned that there are some tests they could have done to let them know that before they did all that surgery.

I want thank everyone so much for these generous donations. It's really taking some stress off the situation and letting me know just how awesome my friends are and how you all love your animals as much as I do. While I don't expect to raise all the money for the surgery (I actually WANT to pay a lot of it myself), every little bit helps.

It is good to hear that what they learned from Maggie may aid them as they treat more cats with Kidney Disease. Here is some more detailed information about how her surgery is helping veterinary Science.

Total vet bill at the teaching hospital: $4,600
Vet bill before the teaching hospital: $600

While the bill is high, my fund-raising goal is $2,000. So many people have asked what they could do to help, and this is it! I'm almost there.