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Some iPhone Apps I Like

By Abby at 12:23 am on Monday, June 28, 2010

I recently posted two lists on Twitter:

  1. iPhone Photo Apps I Like: CameraBag, Hipstamatic, QuadCamera, AutoStitch, TiltShift Generator, Cross Process, Best Camera, Incredibooth (iPhone4 only)
  2. Best ToDo Apps: Appigo, Zenbe, Nozbe, Google Tasks (part of Google Apps), Reqall (speak to text). Best = Toodledo < < syncs with everything

Here’s the rest. If I mention them, I like them. If you want to know more, find them in the App Store:

  • AppAdvice – For news and reviews about the best apps!
  • MoodAgent – Scans your music and creates playlists based on certain moods, tempos, etc. Hard to describe, but COOL!
  • Instapaper – OMG, so many kinds of awesome. Reformats articles from anywhere for easy reading on your iPhone.
  • Remote (for iTunes) – Control iTunes on your main computer from your iPhone.
  • Rowmote (for Hulu) – Control Hulu from across the room!
  • Reeder – The slickest RSS reader for iPhone I’ve seen (and I’ve seen a lot!)
  • Cleartune – Tune your guitar!
  • Shazam – Find out what’s playing right now (SoundHound is good, too.)
  • Kindle for iPhone – Read books you buy on Amazon on your iPhone. There’s iBooks, too, but I’m a long-time Kindle fan.
  • Recorder – Much better than the native recorder. Trust me.
  • AudioBoo – Record sound snippets and upload to Facebook or Twitter instantly.
  • AT&T MyWireless Mobile – Pay your bill right from your iPhone. Check your usage.
  • DailyBurn – Watch your weight if you watch calories. There’s a matching app for scanning food in using bar codes!
  • CarbsControl – Watch your weight if you’re a low-carb person.
  • Delivery Status Touch – Input packages you’re expecting and get notified when they will be arriving.
  • Charlie – A Flickr app you don’t hear much about. I hate the Flickr app for iPhone. I usually check Flickr using Safari for iPhone (the mobile site), but for uploading, this is nice. It’s not bad for checking, either.
  • CardStar – Instead of all those cards on your keychain, make them scan your iPhone instead. Yes, it works.
  • Evernote – If you use Evernote, the app is awesome.
  • foursquare – The more popular location check-in app.
  • Gowalla – The BETTER location check-in app (because the icons are like a MILLION times cuter, and when I get back from a trip, I like to see that set of icons!). Plus, you can “drop” random crap and pick things up, and how fun is that?!
  • Google Mobile App – Gmail, Reader, Google Earth, Google Voice Search, it’s all here.
  • Dropbox – If you use it, then you should be using the app. Access any of your files any time from anywhere and share them with anyone. Awesome!
  • GoodReader – Connects with Dropbox and any site where there are PDF’s to be found. Basically, you can download entire PDF’s and keep them stored on your phone. Then later, you can look at them, even if you have no service. Once you work out the ways it’s useful, there are a MILLION ways to use this.
  • Grocery Pal – I used to be a big fan of a different grocery app, but this one has a REALLY nice feature that trumps all the rest. It connects to the specials at my local Harris Teeter, so I can quickly see everything that is on sale there and add those things I want to the list without having to check the specials online in some other way. It’s VERY handy!
  • How to Cook Everything – The entirety of the How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman in an app. Very thorough, and there are timers built into the app!
  • Last.FM – Great site. Great for listening. You can check your gig calendar.
  • Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals – This app takes up a lot of space. It’s filled with video and beautiful photography, a grocery list maker, WONDERFUL recipes (I’ve made several), and it’s just a masterful thing to behold. Kind of the state of the art when it comes to apps. Totally worth it’s slightly higher cost.
  • Movies by Flixster – I’ve always found Flixter to be evil, but this app won me over because of its integration with Rotten Tomatoes. Also, I can keep a list of movies I want to see.
  • Period Tracker – If you’re a woman and for any reason, you want to track your menstrual symptoms (moods, cycle, physical symptoms), this is a really impressive app. You are even reminded to backup your data, which is easily done by clicking a button. You end up with a text file you can print and bring along with you to the doctor’s office.
  • Skype – Got people you need to talk to in other countries? Get Skype. Spoke to a friend who was in China once while I was sitting underground at Foundation bar. Have you been in there? It’s all stone. We had WiFi only. It’s like THE FUTURE!
  • Trip Journal – This didn’t work at all on my 3G because my GPS was borked, but it’s a REALLY nifty little app to track where you’ve been with pictures and little notes, and you end up with cute little maps. It’s fun if you’re traveling.
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